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What Is The General Paper Exam?

The General Paper is a multi-disciplinary subject in Cambridge University, which requires A Level exam papers that is given to different students in different countries. The paper consists of many formats, which are given depending on which syllabus the student is taking.

Many students taking the International syllabus would get the General Paper 8004 or the General Paper 8001. Both require writing essays but GP8004 would require two essays while GP8001 requires only one. The latter, however, would require the student to solve a comprehension passage in lieu of an essay.

There are also the GP 8009 and the GP8806, which are the Mauritian and Singaporean versions of the exam. These are very similar to the GP 8001 but customized to meed the needs of the students in their respective countries. It is important to note, however, that Singapore has modified and relabeled their paper to 8807 instead of 8806 since the year 2012.

In Singapore, all students not taking up Knowledge and Inquiry in Junior Colleges are required to take this subject. Like the GP8001, this paper would consist of essay writing and comprehension. The essay would consist of twelve questions of different topics and the student would have to answer any one of these questions within ninety (90) minutes. The completed essay would have to be at least 500-800 words. The comprehension would consist of one to two prose passages and would assess the student’s ability to comprehend and understand each passage.

The General Paper, in whatever country it is given, is meant to encourage learners to develop critical and argumentative skills of each student. It also encourages the mastery of the English language, which are skills that would be very useful when the students get to universities. The syllabus for this paper would come from the different topics learned in the school’s curriculum, so the school would also be able to assess whether or not the student learned something in the other subjects. The link http://gptuition.com would give you more information regarding the General Paper if ever you need it.

With the advent of the Internet, many people just accept the things they read or see without question. The General Paper helps students think more critically about these things, and it also helps them hone their English skills and get ready for university level studies. The General Paper is also a great way to assess whether these students really learned anything from their different subjects because the questions are integrated with them as well.

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